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Thank Your for Your Support

Our Garden is fully supported by our Gardeners, generous Sponsors, and our fundraising through plant sales and compost.  

A large portion of our gardeners live nearby in the Gateway Area, and many are on limited income, and rely on their small plot to provide variety to therir diet, and our location provides a  relaxing respite and opportunity for commadery, partifcuallary for Adults and Seniors.  Some find partiipation due to payments for minimal membership fees, water, and supplies.

YOU CAN HELP, your donation is greatly appreciated.  You can use the button below to donate for the good of the Garden, or for a specific purpose

Any Amount for General Garden exenses: materials, reimburement for truck delivery, water

$45 Annual garden plot fee for a continuing gardener

$100 for one year of City Water per plot

$23 an hour, for contract laborer to repair plot, mulch other manual work that many senior and disabled gardeners are unable to do, or volunteers are not available

Deep Well Installation Fund - Estimated $12,000 so City Water is no longer needed (currently a $3600 per year expense

$600 for annaul internet access needed for security camera system

Solar Power and Battery Fund, $2100 for additional panels and batteries to provide limited continuous electric power for lghts, tool charging, Internet and Security

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