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Thank you
City of Clearwater
for your continued support

We are very greatful to the City fo Clearwater for helping make our Dream possible.  In addition to making available the land on which we garden in the Gateway City Redevelopment area,

Among their many efforts to provide green space iwithin a city that is essentially coupletely built out with urban development, they have changed zoining regulations to accomdate "agricultural" actities"

Members of City Boards, and even elected officials have partipated in our activites, the superb Clearwater Police Department keeps an eye on our property, and the City provides essential serices and have given grants for specific projects.


Currently we pay for the potable water used in our Garden, so to reduce costs to our members we have several efforts to reduce our water use.  


Residents and visitors to Clearwater will find it is a dynamic and progressive City, with efforts underway to further improve it, including the fabulous $84 milion dollar Coachman Park Redevelopment with a  new 9,000-capacity covered outdoor performing arts venue, and 19 acres of park space.  

Our Garden is within the City's East Gateway Development Plan, with new affordable and urban residential areas planned for which we intend to be an integral part of, and look forward to new garden members.


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